Devils Market

8 weeks half time

My work on Devils Market:

  • Creating a levelloader, which works with the tool Tiled.

  • Building the world using a tiled system, placing assets and reading attributes via Tiled.

  • Created the menu system and all the corresponding menus.

Things I learned:

  • Improved on my UI system that I also created in Solace. This time depending on where we placed the UI elements in a menu it moved the correct index in the button list based on the center points of different UI elements. So we could create a column-based level select without doing some edge cases for the button index

  • Working with Level Designers and the software Tiled for the first time in order to create a nice Level-loader based on the level designers needs. This was also a collaboration together with artists as they continued to update our tilemap. This worked really well without crashes, the only small hiccups we had was when artists put a blocking tile on a non-blocking tile in the tilemap but it was easily fixed

  • Building a world was a first for me, before this I usually worked with gameplay elements. It was a lot of fun

Here I load a tile, since its a tilemap and all the maptiled are evenly spread its easy to create a array with the correct index numbers and load the tile with the correct properties. Its not pretty but its really fast. We loaded quite big levels 3000x3000 in less than 2 seconds in runtime.

Levelloading looks for layers for objects to be added, since we need it for rendering our environment. It creates a Tile object which we fill with whatever properties its supposed to have.

Here is the Menu state Update it keeps track of which buttons are hovered, clicked or default