15 weeks half time

My work on Flare:

  • Node editor implementation

  • Node Creation and maintaining nodes

  • Player Animations

  • Buffalo Script

Things I learned:

  • Working with a node-editor unreal style was odd for me since I've used a different node system from snowdrop before. Using the flow-node took some time getting used to

  • Maintaining someone else node-editor made part of debugging quite bothersome, so I'm getting pretty good at reading other peoples code by this point.

  • We are using PhysX for this project and working that into the player-systems so that he can walk up edges and slopes without causing a jumping animation was a fun bug to solve

  • We also decided to re-haul big portions of our engine, which in hindsight was not great it created lots of new bugs that took weeks to solve. So I have learned to think a bit more ahead than previous projects

Part of the nodegraph editor which I implemented with another programmer and added some changes to draw automatic pintypes

Part of the Set Entity Position node

Our buffalo script