Tom Clancys The Division

My work on The Division:

  • Skinning for almost all NPC and Player assets, including Cinematic characters

  • Rigging setup for character faces

  • Using the snowdrop engines nodesystem to build procedural animations for drones and the turret skill ( mixed with regular animation )

Things I learned:

  • This was my first major project and I learned a lot, being almost solely in charge of skinning assets of which we had a lot of was a good confidence booster. I could show that I can take on a lot of work and be efficient despite just graduation from school

  • Learning a lot of techniques from members of my team, and the tools created for rigging was very interesting. I gained insight on how to make a rig that are easily customizable but also transferable to different structured faces

  • First time working with procedural animation using a node graph system, great learning experience