Tom Clancys The Division 2

My work on The Division 2:

  • Customizable faces for character creation, including joint setup and placement and skinning

  • Smaller tools for character art so they can easily import their assets into the snowdrop engine with templated skinning

  • Skinning and rigging the new assets, including faces, npcs, player assets and cinematic characters

  • Reviewing and approving skinning of assets from support studios.

Things I learned:

  • I realised working with customizable faces is a lot harder than i thought, working closely with the character art team to make sure the assets still look up to par with their standard was difficult

  • Continued developed my Python code experience. Working with my senior to understand and write code properly was very fun

  • Communicating with other studios on their work and how to improve the workflow between studios, was a very interesting task. It was also a bigger responsibility for me which was a good experience